Friday, 27 July 2012

what I wrote.

I had ever failed before. not only once, more. not getting what I wanted and I planned to be. But, that's what life is. That's which keeping me stronger, more and more. Which giving me the courage to go on and learn from it. Now, I want to give my life through its best. no matter where I'm standing now, no matter how far away this from my imagination before. I'll stand, pridely. I'll give all of my potention, skills to it. I'm still a young girl, anyway. :p Better to fail when we're young than regret when we're already old, right?               YOSH! Ganbarimashooo!!! The Big Dream is still waiting to be catched!!!

this is life, this is my journey which God has chosen for me to live in , to walk in. :))

Kepp stronger, girl!

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Anonymous said...

well. God knows what's best. isshouni ganbarimasho~~!!